What You Need to Look For When Working With a Franchise Broker

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If you’re looking to buy a franchise, a highly qualified and professional franchise broker can walk you through the process. But, what quality should you look for in a franchise broker? 

According to Franchise Broker Association CEO Sabrina Wall, you should prioritize working with a franchise broker who is committed to giving you the undivided time and attention you deserve. After all, buying a franchise is a complicated, multifaceted transaction that requires a broker who will listen to and guide you every step of the way until you find the best-suited franchise for you.

Buying a Franchise: A Complicated Transaction

Many franchise brokers make the mistake of conducting a single profile assessment with candidates before rashly matching them to several franchise options. However, such a process is not thorough enough to ensure candidates are matched with franchisees that meet their individual needs and goals.https://www.youtube.com/embed/oWDvOjzxFkg?feature=oembed

“That’s not the way that people actually purchase when buying a franchise,” Wall explains.

“This is a complicated transaction. It has all different kinds of complexity and different components to it that have to be addressed,” Wall adds, noting that showing a candidate a list of franchisees after a single conversation is not any different than handing them a list of inventory they could have retrieved themselves. 

Working With a Franchise Broker: How We’re Different 

However, not all franchise brokers follow the same process. At the Franchise Brokers Association, brokers view each candidate as an individual with his or her own unique desires and objectives. In addition, our brokers are meticulously trained to help candidates secure a business they love. How? By carefully listening to and collaborating with candidates over multiple conversations to determine exactly what they are seeking. Through such an iterative process, franchise brokers use their real-world knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the franchise inspection process to identify a franchise that aligns with each candidate’s personal vision.

“That’s why we’re different,” Wall points out. 

“We are not leaving them [potential franchisees] to their own devices. These are successful, educated business people. But they don’t know franchising. And if they don’t know franchising, they are using you, the broker, [to get the support they need]. If you’re just going to show them listings, I guess you can do that. But the real value [is in] if you’re actually taking the time, investing in them and making sure that they get everything they need to make a decision. Then, you’re doing a good service to them,” Wall details.

We know that taking the leap to business ownership is a big decision. We assure you it will be easier to take that leap with the Franchise Brokers Association because our brokers are wholeheartedly committed to prioritizing you and listening to your wants and needs throughout the process from start to finish. Contact us today so that one of our expert brokers can match you with a business you love so you can gain the flexibility and freedom you deserve.

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